Posada Ayana - Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
We are open and look forward to welcoming you! Posada Ayana will be open until the 31st of March 2024.
Posada Ayana - Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
We are open and look forward to welcoming you! Posada Ayana will be open until the 31st of March 2024.

Let the sunshine in

We welcome bookings for couples, singles and small groups (age 18+), between November and March.

Sweet dreams

Rest easy, our rooms are not just a design feast for the eye, they’re also big enough (40-58m2) for dancing and pillow fights. We chose the most comfortable beds in the world, at the risk of our guests moving in permanently.

To the rooms

Skyspace by James Turrell


Artist James Turrell’s Skyspace shares its premises with Posada Ayana. Our guests are welcome to escape into the light at exclusive times, always free of charge. Feel inspired and transported.

Visit the Skyspace

Charming José Ignacio

We like to say that our beloved fisherman’s village on the coast of Uruguay is a low-rise paradise. Discovered by only a few, José Ignacio is charming, easy going and full of great restaurants, arts and culture. The town centre is just a short walk from Posada Ayana.

Discover José Ignacio

This is no ordinary pool

Green marble is a perfect natural temperature regulator: our infinity pool is perfectly refreshing. We use a pinch of sea salt instead of chlorine, gentle and kind to your skin. At 16m long, it’s a lot bigger than most hotel pools, because we’re not “most hotels” ; )

Nature lovers delights

Ride the waves, ride a horse, balance body and mind with a yoga class. Reconnect with nature your way amid the calm, unspoilt surroundings of Posada Ayana.


A planet-positive posada

Our food is locally sourced and seasonal, including our signature Rosado Ayana wine and craft beer. We only ever use plastic if there’s a good reason to.

Celebrating local artisans

Our tableware, soaps and creams are lovingly made by skilled artisans in the local community. The handwoven sheep’s wool blankets are made by Hugo, and the local sheep.


Beautifully bespoke service


Pilates classes, kite surfing, tennis, your favorite restaurants; we’re happy to book everything for you ahead of your stay.

Airport pick-up

Just let us know when you land and we’ll be ready and waiting with open arms. We’ll be sure to drive you back well in time for take-off too.

Special wishes

Tell us about a book you’d like to have ready to read, the pillow you prefer and any dietary desires. We’re known to organise a great movie night too.