From Vienna to José Ignacio

The first time we arrived in José Ignacio, we were in love. What a magical place this is, where you immediately feel at peace and at home no matter where you come from. It didn’t take us long to conclude this is the best place in the world to build our slice of paradise.

A few years of labour, love and dedication on, we’re delighted to welcome you to our beloved posada. We’re Edda, Robert, Felice and Koko Kofler from Vienna. Robert’s father once had a wonderful hotel in the stunning lakeside town of Bregenz in the Austrian mountains, and it’s been our dream to open our own one day.

Posada Ayana is built on the desire to create a place that is personal, inspiring and welcoming, where people get to be themselves and feel relaxed. We came to José Ignacio not only to leave a footprint but also to make a lasting positive impact, in the lives of our guests as well as those of our local community.

Ayana's birth

From planning, constructing, landscaping and interior designing to finding a name and logo and creating our menus - everyone in our family has been intensely involved and excited. When the time came to choose a name, we wanted one that embodies our lightness and warmth of personality. Ayana means beautiful flower, eternal blossom, a good path and arrival – all in different languages and from different cultures. It fits us perfectly.

Meet our family of local artisans

We source our products from a fabulous array of local craftspeople and artisans. This is how we know for certain that we’ll always have gorgeous quality for you, and we make a positive impact on our community and the planet too.

Hand-crafted ceramics and tableware


Alfe (Matías Alvarez) made our bespoke tableware from coffee cups to plates for Posada Ayana in our signature orange.
Fundación los Naranjos

We proudly serve from pottery made by teens from positive impact foundation Los Naranjos. They work with disadvantaged teens to regain value and purpose through craft.
Lola Pineyrua Cerámicas

Lola crafted our blue bread & oil plates.

Soaps and creams


100% natural, vegetable based and paraben-free soaps and creams. Made locally with a lot of love and respect for nature.

Woolen blankets

Hugo González

Hugo crafts hand-woven, naturally dyed sheep’s wool blankets by the lighthouse in Jose Ignacio. His sheep roam locally too.

Loose leaf tea

La tienda del té

Selection of looseleaf teas, by Mónica Rodríguez - sommelier de tés.


Seis Montes

We buy our coffee freshly roasted by Seis Montes in Montevideo. Savor the delightful notes of chestnuts, hazelnuts and lemon with a touch of caramel, sourced directly from the growers in Fazendas Klem in Brazil.

Craft beer


Selection of artisanal craft beers from Uruguay.

Oceanic wines


All of our Wines are Oceanic Wines from Uruguay, including our own house wines bottled and labeled by the bodega Sierra Oriental.
Alvaro Perez
Landscape architect
Patricia Malmierca
Tali Kimelman
Marcos Guiponi
Francisca Etchegaray
Copy and brand
Isabel Serval
Logo design and branding
Alex Wiederin
Felice Kofler
Felice Kofler