A selection of the wonderful press we have received.

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The Best New Hotels in the World: 2022 Hot List

“Posada Ayana’s stylish yet relaxed approach toward luxury hospitality has quickly made its way onto the radar of HNW sun seekers and well-traveled art appreciators.”

Sorrel Moseley-Williams

CNT Hot List 2022

In Uruguay, James Turrell Debuts His Latest Shrine to Light at Posada Ayana

“Ta Khut Skyspace adds a dimension to the Posada Ayana guest experience that approaches the spiritual... it is inside this otherworldly structure that one can experience something altogether unexpected”


Vogue US

Travel news: the art of escape

“The feather in the Koflers’ cap, however, comes from James Turrell, who has created one of his famous Skyspace installations on site – the first freestanding one on the South American continent.”

Maria Shollenbarger

Financial Times – HTSI

Meet our family of local artisans

We source our products from a fabulous array of local craftspeople and artisans. This is how we know for certain that we’ll always have gorgeous quality for you, and we make a positive impact on our community and the planet too.

Hand-crafted ceramics and tableware


Alfe (Matías Alvarez) made our bespoke tableware from coffee cups to plates for Posada Ayana in our signature orange.
Fundación los Naranjos

We proudly serve from pottery made by teens from positive impact foundation Los Naranjos. They work with disadvantaged teens to regain value and purpose through craft.
Lola Pineyrua Cerámicas

Lola crafted our blue plates and soap dishes.

Soaps and creams

Jabones Jam

100% natural, vegetable based and paraben-free soaps and creams. Made locally with a lot of love and respect for nature.

Woolen blankets

Hugo González

Hugo crafts hand-woven, naturally dyed sheep’s wool blankets by the lighthouse in Jose Ignacio. His sheep roam locally too.

Loose leaf tea

Tealosophy By Ines Berton

Tealosophy selection. Ines created a special Ayana Blend for us. A full menu of infusions is available.


Culto Cafe

We buy our coffee freshly roasted by Culto Cafe in Montevideo. Savor the delightful notes of honey, milk chocolate and orange in their ‘Jergón’ blend, sourced from a selection of small growers in Colombia.

Craft beer


Selection of artisanal craft beers from Uruguay.

Oceanic wines


All of our Wines are Oceanic Wines from Uruguay, including our own house wines bottled and labeled by the bodega Sierra Oriental.